Both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration released new findings, reporting that vitamin E acetate appeared in a large portion of lung samples of people suffering from a vaping-related illness affecting 2,051 people.疾病预防监测中心和美国食品类药品管理处发布了新的科学研究結果,讲到在与电子蒸汽烟相关的病症的病人肺脏样本中找到许多都含有维生素E醋酸酯,生病总数约2051人。E acetate is a form of vitamin E thats often used in skincare products, but which has recently become a popular way of cutting cannabis in vaporizer cartridges. Both the CDC and the FDA had previously warned Americans against using THC vaping products until the source of the illness has been found.维生素E醋酸酯是一种维生素E,常见于护肤产品,但近期却经常在气化设备中被作为融解大麻。疾病预防监测中心和美国食品类药品管理处都曾警示美国人到查明发病原因前不必用以四氢大麻酚电子蒸汽烟。The CDC found vitamin E acetate in lung samples taken from 29 patients suffering from lung injury associated with e-cigarettes. This is the first time that we have detected a potential chemical of concern in biologic samples from patients with these lung injuries, the CDC wrote in its announcement. These findings provide direct evidence of vitamin E acetate at the primary site of injury within the lungs.疾病预防监测中心找到从29个与电子蒸汽烟相关的肝功能衰竭病案中出示的肺脏样本中找到了维生素E醋酸酯。

该管理中心在公示中提到:“它是大家第一次在肝功能衰竭病人的微生物样本中检验到一种潜在性的化合物,检验結果获得了维生素E醋酸酯不会有于肝功能衰竭关键位置的必需直接证据。”In addition to E acetate, the organization also identified THC, the psychoactive property in cannabis, in 82% of lung samples and nicotine in 62% of samples. The CDC says it tested for other chemicals, including plant oils, petroleum distillates, MCT oil, and terpenes, but was not able to detect them.除开维生素E醋酸酯,该管理中心仍在82%的肺脏样本中找到了四氢大麻酚,在62%的样本中找到了烟焦油。

四氢大麻酚是大麻中的精神实质活性物质。疾病预防监测中心称作检测了别的化合物,还包含食用油、原油馏出物、中链甘油三酯和萜烯,但没一切找到。The Food and Drug Administration has also released preliminary lab results showing a strong presence of vitamin E acetate among nearly 600 lung samples. The administration found that the majority of samples taken from patients in 25 states contained THC. Half of the samples with THC also had vitamin E acetate; another 22% contained a different diluent.美国食品类药品管理处也公布了可行性分析试验結果,找到在近600个肺脏样本中很多不会有维生素E醋酸酯。



Though these new findings provide some insight into the vaping illness, the investigation will continue.尽管这种新的科学研究結果使我们对电子蒸汽烟导致的病症拥有一些了解,但调研仍在以后。